Endorsements by City Elected Officials


I’m pleased to endorse Bill Elder for a second term as our El Paso County Sheriff. I have known Bill for over two decades and witnessed firsthand his hard work and dedication to the citizens of El Paso County.  Over the last three years I have had a front row seat to watch tremendous collaboration occurring between the Colorado Springs Police Department, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, and all other agencies within El Paso and Teller Counties. The level of collaboration is unprecedented in my experience.  Please join me in supporting the re-election of Bill Elder as our El Paso County Sheriff.     

John Suthers  41st Mayor of Colorado Springs  

Colorado Attorney General (Former)  

U.S. Attorney for Colorado (Former)  

4th Judicial District Attorney (Former)

Endorsements by Associations

Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Association--IAFF Local #5

The Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Association supports the re-election of Sheriff Bill Elder. He understands the needs of the community to ensure that the services his department provides cover those to whom they are responsible for. His leadership reaches out to all public service entities to foster a working relationship to better everyones ability to work together for our citizens. His commitment has shown with actions that he believes in the people that serve and protect our community by supporting those who do the work. We believe that Sheriff Elder is the right choice for our County.

David Noblitt


Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters

IAFF Local #5

Colorado Springs Police Protective Association

On behalf of the Members of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Associaion, we enthusiastically endorse Bill Elder for re-election as our El Paso County Sheriff.  Public Safety in our region is absolutely essential, we all agree on that. In the upcoming election for Sheriff, there is only one candidate that positively stands out. Bill Elder, when re-elected, will continue to bring the highest level of collaboration and cooperation between the Sheriff's Office, the Colorado Springs Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies and military in the Pikes Peak region.   Sheriff Elder has proven to be a leader in public safety innovation and will continue to bring that innovation and creative ideas to propel public safety in a much needed way.  In this era of scarce resources, it is imperative that we have a leader with integrity and a proven track record  on how we deliver public safety services in our community. Working in a collaborative and cooperative, regional manner has proven to provide the greatest return on our hard earned tax dollars.  Please join your Colorado Springs Police Protective Association in re-electing Bill Elder as our El Paso County Sheriff!

PPAR (Pikes Peak Association of Realtors)

March 21, Colorado Springs, CO- The Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® (PPAR) announced its endorsement for Sheriff Bill Elder as he seeks a second term serving as the top law enforcement official in El Paso County.

REALTORS® value safety and a quality of life that enables all citizens to thrive and be safe in their homes and community. Sheriff Elder has embodied this and been a significant player in making the Pikes Peak region a highly desirable and sought after place. 

“The Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® is pleased to endorse Sheriff Bill Elder in his bid for re-election said Debbie Howes, Chairwoman of PPAR. “Sheriff Elder has been a tremendous asset and leader not only for law enforcement, but for the community at-large. He has demonstrated grace and strength in the midst of peril. His collaborative spirit has paved the way for cross-sector partnerships and relationships that have enhanced our community’s safety. He leads an impressive team of individuals that put themselves on the line every day to protect the rich quality of life of the citizens of El Paso County, and for that we are extremely grateful.” Howes added “Sheriff Elder’s understanding and depth of knowledge about REALTORS® and issues that impact homeowners reaffirm our industry’s support and belief in his abilities to serve as Sheriff for a second term.”

PPAR was founded in 1902 and currently represents 3,700 REALTORS® and affiliates in the Pikes Peak Region. For more information about PPAR visit www.ppar.com.


The Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs is proud to endorse Sheriff Bill Elder for a second term.  Sheriff Elder has worked diligently to ensure El Paso County is one of the safest and most enjoyable places in Colorado to live, work and play.  We are proud to support him for his final term as Sheriff of El Paso County.

The Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs is a private, non-profit 501(C)(6) corporation representing builders, developers, and remodelers, as well as trade contractors, materials suppliers, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, title companies, interior designers, architects, landscapers and beyond. But we are more than just members - we are community leaders and builders. Together, we contribute to the growth, prosperity and quality of life this exceptional community has come to enjoy.  


The Pikes peak Firearms Coalition's Political Action Committee announced its endorsement of El Paso County Sheriff Bill elder for re-election in next November's general election.  The PPFC PAC based its endorsement decision on Sheriff Elder's demonstrated support for our right to keep and bear arms and his Office's strong and well run Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) program.

The PPFC is a single issue organization....the protection of our right to keep and bear arms.

Endorsements by Associations/Groups


We live in a community that is diversely changing; we hear words like inclusion and equality used to explain how positive change will occur for all of our citizens. Inclusion and equality begins not only with small businesses and economic development, but to the safety of our neighborhoods.


The Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs mission is to serve our members, Hispanic businesses, and the Colorado Springs Community by taking a leadership role, creating access to business opportunities in the development and promotion of Hispanic Business, community and culture.

The Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs has reviewed the operations, leadership and growth of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office under Sheriff Bill Elder.  We reviewed the execution of Sheriff Elder’s leadership as it pertains to; community engagement and support, the policies EPSO support’s and the vision the Office has for cultural inclusion and competency for our community.  

We, the CSHBC, proudly support Sheriff Bill Elder for re-election. We the Concilio feel that Sheriff Elder is in 

touch with the needs of the community and county, he has been proactive in improving the culture of trust and engagement of EPSO internally and externally, continually seeks ways to improve building strong relationships in our Hispanic community’s, creating safer neighborhoods and offering career opportunities.

The Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs encourages all to vote in order to demonstrate to the candidates the strength, depth and power of the growing Hispanic Community.

The Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs mission is to serve our members, Hispanic business, and the Colorado Springs Community by taking a leadership role, creating access to business opportunities in the development and promotion of Hispanic Business and serve our community.


Anthony J. Perez, President  

Steve Sanchez, President-Elect 

Gene Sanchez, Vice-President 

Elizabeth Mota, Treasurer 

Kym Welton ,Secretary

Derrick Wilburn of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives

It is my distinct pleasure both to call Sheriff Bill Elder a friend and to endorse his candidacy to retain his office as El Paso County Sheriff.     These are trying times in America, El Paso County being no exception. As an activist in the black community, I'm acutely aware the sensitivities and delicate balance with which law enforcement must approach its duties to protect and to serve. I have seen Bill Elder not only address these issues but actively seek counsel and implement  community outreach and involvement into El Paso County Sheriff's Office plans. This kind of awareness and leadership is what El Paso County (and  all other counties in Colorado and America) is in need of if we are to heal old wounds and build new bridges in the spirit of mutual respect that's necessary for effective law enforcement. Because of his actions, not words, Bill Elder has earned my strongest possible endorsement.     

Derrick Wilburn,   

Chairman Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives   

Former Colorado Republican Party Vice-Chairman


I lead Liberty First, a non partisan liberty group in El Paso County.  I was encouraged when Bill Elder came to our meetings while on the first campaign trail and participated in forums put on by my liberty group during his time as sheriff over the past three years.  During the campaign, he spoke about his vision and his desire to be a strong, yet humble Sheriff.  Bill also learned from our group, what the citizens deserved from a true Constitutional Sheriff.  Bill has done his best with the tools he's been afforded in helping to improve the Sheriff's Office and continue to protect the citizens' Constitutional Rights.  I, and Liberty First, fully endorse the re-election of Bill Elder for Sheriff.

David Kelly

Liberty First


When I endorsed Bill Elder for El Paso County Sheriff three years ago, there were three things I was looking for.  I wanted a staunch defender of our Second Amendment Rights, someone to keep us safe and secure in our homes and neighborhoods, and a champion of our taxpayer dollars.  Three years later, Sheriff Bill Elder has not disappointed.  He has been a stalward defender of gun rights, has kept our community safe, and he has been vigilant with our scarce tax dollars.  I wholeheartedly support Bill Elder for another term as El Paso County Sheriff.

Jeff Crank

The Jeff Crank Show

740 KVOR


As Founder of Mothers of Murdered Youth (MOMY), I would like to acknowledge the support and compassion shown to the members of our organization by Sheriff Bill Elder. Since taking office, he has attended most, if not all, of our functions, worked diligently to help resolve our issues and helped to find justice. He has been a great support to us all. We are honored to have Bill Elder as our Sheriff and friend and encourage all to re-elect this wonderful and capable man to this position.       

Jennifer Romero  


Mothers of Murdered Youth

Endorsements by County Elected Officials


I am proud to once again endorse Bill Elder for El Paso County Sheriff. He has led the Sheriff’s Office with the strong leadership and real law-enforcement experience this community demands and deserves. His strong belief in building a safe, vibrant community and collaboration among the region’s law enforcement has given the citizens of this county an indisputable confidence in their public safety leaders. Please join me in supporting the Re-Election of Sheriff Bill Elder.

Dan May    

District Attorney     

4th Judicial District


The citizens of El Paso County are extremely fortunate to have Bill Elder as their Sheriff.  I have known and worked with Sheriff Elder not only as a citizen, but also as another one of your county elected officials.     Bill is committed to the citizens he serves and is very dedicated to the Office and employees of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.  He fully understands the role of Sheriff and the fact that he not only enforces the State and Local Laws, but understands the constitutional role and responsibilities of the Office that protects the rights of it's citizens.     Probably the thing I like best about our Sheriff is the fact that he will go out of his way to help someone in whatever way he can.  He genuinely cares about the citizens of El Paso County.  He deserves your support and another term as our Sheriff.  Please join me in re-electing Sheriff Bill Elder.     

Steve Schleiker  


El Paso County


I'm pleased to endorse Bill Elder for re-election as our El Paso County Sheriff.  During his first term as Sheriff, I've found Bill to be engaging and dedicated to our citizens, as well as the employees of El Paso County.  Since his election nearly 4 years ago, the elected leaders in County government have found a common ground, and pulled together in the most cooperative way I've seen in quite a while.  Bill has been a strong voice among us. I'm looking forward to working with Sheriff Elder in the future, and I urge you to join me in supporting his re-election.

Mark Lowderman

El Paso County Treasurer

Endorsements by EL PASO County Commissioners


I am proud to once again endorse and support Sheriff Bill Elder in his  campaign for re-election. Sheriff Elder has been a defender of our constitutional rights and a true fiscal conservative who works diligently on the cooperative budget. Most  importantly Sheriff Elder supports a number of community preparedness programs such as the LighthousePrime.com.  When our community finds the need to be ready, I am comforted knowing that Bill Elder is our Sheriff, please stand with me supporting his re-election.       

Peggy Littleton  

El Paso County Commissioner  

District 5


Sheriff Elder has my support!  He's impressed me with his efforts at community outreach that ensures all are represented and protected under the rule of law.  Additionally, he's spearheaded reform in the Sheriff's Office and prioritized efforts to improve dispatch response times and fighting illegal marijuana grows and related crimes.  All of which are a major concern of mine for my district.  Let's re-elect Bill Elder for Sheriff.     

Longinos Gonzalez  

County Commissioner  

District 4


I support Sheriff Elder for re-election!  He has created a calming influence in the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.  From increased community engagement, stronger teaming with CSPD and other police agencies, improved human resourcing procedures, and establishment of a higher ethical standard, Sheriff Elder has removed the controversy of years past and increased the stature and performance of County public safety services.  I am proud to stand with our County law enforcement leader, Sheriff Elder!

Stan VanderWerf
El Paso County Commissioner
District 3


With so many issues related to the illegal cultivation and sale of marijuana in our community, we need a sheriff with the leadership, vision, and experience necessary to keep our community safe. Bill Elder is that man. While others sat on the sidelines, Sheriff Elder was  leading the fight in Denver to pass legislation giving cops the tools they need to make our community a better place to live and raise kids. Bill’s dedication and commitment doesn’t end in the policy making process. He’s a results oriented Sheriff who is often  seen in the field working to rid our community of the drug lords brought  here with passage of Amendment 64. Figuring out how to deal with the legalization of marijuana is an issue that  will take years to solve. Now isn’t the time to take a chance on an unproven and inexperienced candidate. We need real leadership and experience, and that’s why I’m supporting Sheriff Elder  in his bid for re-election. Please do the same.

Mark Waller
El Paso County Commissioner


I want to thank and personally applaud Sheriff Elder's efforts as he leads the Sheriff's Office in taking steps to build stronger community-wide discussions and building relationships with area leaders. Sheriff  Elder has my endorsement and commitment of support. I appreciate what he and his staff do that does not get reported out in community on strengthening and developing positive and lasting relationships. Join me in re-electing Sheriff Bill Elder.

Darryl Glenn
El Paso County Commissioner
District 1  

Endorsements by State Elected Officials


Bill Elder has brought back a renewed sense of professionalism and respect to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. He has earned another term as Sheriff and I heartily endorse his re-election. 

Kevin J. Grantham

Colorado State Senate President

District 2


Sheriff Bill Elder is a staunch defender of our right to keep and bear arms. I’m honored to endorse him and to call him my friend. He is a true public servant. 

Bernie Herpin

Colorado State Senator (Former)

Senate District 11


I am pleased to support Bill Elder in his re-election campaign.  Sheriff Elder has provided strong and clear direction for the department and county. For almost 30 years, he has demonstrated a commitment to service in the Pikes Peak Region. That commitment continues as he provides sound leadership for over 520 sworn deputies and over 250 civilian employees serving Colorado's largest county, El Paso.  Please join me in supporting Bill Elder in his re-election campaign.

Kyle H. Hybl


University of Colorado System


I am honored to endorse Bill Elder for re-election as our El Paso County Sheriff.  I have worked with Sheriff Elder on legislation to protect public safety and make needed reforms in our criminal justice system.  Sheriff elder is committed to safe neighborhoods and to a fair and just criminal justice system.  I encourage you to join me in supporting Bill Elder for re-election as Sheriff of El Paso County.

Terri Carver

Colorado State Representative

House District 20


Sheriff Bill Elder is a leader in our State law enforcement community, respected by legislators and colleagues alike for his character and integrity. Whenever I need expertise and advice on the best practices for law enforcement and public safety, I call on Bill Elder. Our families and communities are safer because he is our Sheriff. That is why I am supporting Bill Elder for re-election as our El Paso County Sheriff.     

Bob Gardner   

Colorado State Senator   

District 12


I like Sheriff Elder and his commitment to restoring the professionalism and honesty to El Paso County law enforcement.  I meet with his deputy sheriffs on a weekly basis, and can attest to their dedication to their duties and to the citizens of El Paso County.  I  support Bill Elder for a second term as our county sheriff! 


Kent Lambert

Colorado State Senator

District 9  


Sheriff Elder has demonstrated a relentless energy for protecting our  safety and guarding our pocketbooks with his efficient, effective  leadership. I enthusiastically endorse him for another term as our  Sheriff!

Owen Hill

Colorado State Senator

District 10


I have known Sheriff Bill Elder for over 15 years.  Since being elected three years ago, Sheriff Elder has restored the public's trust and confidence in the entire department.  We need Bill to carry on his  great work on our behalf for the next four years. 

Larry Liston

State Representative

House District 16


I enthusiastically support and endorse the re-election campaign for Sheriff Bill Elder. His commitment to community-wide law enforcement and his willingness to work with every agency in El Paso County is unmatched.

Lois Landgraf

State Representative

House District 21


Sheriff Elder has been a great collaborative partner for El Paso County as we grapple with issues at the legislature that affect the safety of our citizens.  Together we have promoted some good laws and defeated some bad ones.  I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Bill Elder for re-election.

Paul Lundeen

Colorado State Representative

House District 19


In all things, Bill Elder handles himself with the utmost character and integrity.  He's a man of honor who has dedicated his career to keeping our community safe.  It's with that experience I am honored to give him my full endorsement and ask you to please join me in supporting him for a second term as our Sheriff."

Dan Nordberg
State Representative
Colorado House District 14


I have worked closely with Sheriff Elder and his staff over the past several years and find him to be an honorable, committed and dedicated public servant. He has worked tirelessly to engage in local and statewide issues and has been a source of support on many issues important to residents of El Paso County. I enthusiastically support his re-election for a second term as our Sheriff and encourage you to do the same.

Bill Cadman

Former Colorado State Senate President

Senate District 12

Endorsements by Community Leaders


Sheriff Bill Elder has done an outstanding job.  He is restoring integrity to the office, improving services to the community, boosting employee morale and opportunity, and leading stronger regional collaboration. Bill has my strong endorsement for a 2nd term.

Steve Bach

Former Colorado Springs Mayor


As a Military Veteran (Vietnam Era), a 39-year Law Enforcement  Officer and as the 31st elected Sheriff of Douglas County, it is a pleasure and an honor to call Bill Elder a friend. I must further state that Sheriff Elder exemplifies the term "A Sheriff’s SHERIFF."  As a former Sheriff, I endorse his Re-Election and encourage all El Paso County residents to vote for him.

Micheal Acree

Former Sheriff

Douglas County


 I support Bill Elder's re-election as our El Paso County Sheriff.  As a resident of Northern El Paso County, and someone who has personally known and worked with Bill for more than 30 years, I can confidently endorse him.  Bill is incredibly resourceful, creative and is capable of thinking outside of the box to get important issues resolved.  As a law enforcement professional, I can attest to Bill's reputation as a leader in our State's law enforcement community. 


Bob Grado

Denver - RTD

Chief of Police


I'm not that far away.  I am here to support Sheriff Elder today, tomorrow and until he is re-elected. He is doing a great job!

Bernie Barry
25th Sheriff
El Paso County, Colorado


It has been a privilege to get to know Sheriff Bill Elder the past couple years.  He is passionate about the betterment of our community, a man of character and integrity, and committed to faithfully serve.  His leadership has restored dignity to the Office and confidence to our community.  I appreciate his heart to connect and respect people of all races represented in El Paso County.  Bill has my support.

Pastor Dean Hawk


It is with a great degree of respect and honor that I endorse and support Sheriff Bill Elder in his campaign for re-election.  I can honestly say that he has exhibited strong leadership to our community and a real commitment to working with and also bridging the gap between communities of color and law enforcement.  We have worked together on many community projects for over 3 years, and have collaborated on the development of real time, authentic, cultural capacity/anti bias community training for his entire department.  He is not afraid to be transparent and courageous in connecting with our community over real issues.  He has become a positive role model with those who have been skeptics of law enforcement.  Sheriff Elder instills trust and integrity with individuals throughout the community and I will encourage those  in my sphere of influence to re-elect Sheriff Bill Elder.

MelindaJoy Mingo, Ph.D.

President-- Significant Life Change Inc.

Professor-- Employment Law/Community Leader


In the time that I've had the pleasure to know Sheriff Bill Elder, he has gained my respect and my admiration. These are particularly tense times between the law enforcement community and the communities of color. Sheriff Bill Elder has addressed these issues head-on and has made promises to the community and the community's of color. I am proud to say that he has lived up to every single one of those promises and more!  He's a man of humble integrity who listens before he speaks. He shows the kind of leadership that we desperately need in law enforcement! I am proud to lend my support to sheriff Bill Elder and his reelection campaign.

James Proby
Founder/Executive Director
The Men's Xchange


I want to add my name to those who enthusiastically support and endorse Sheriff Bill Elder for another term as our El Paso County Sheriff.  I've seen a lot of leaders--both good and bad-- throughout my years in the military and in civilian roles since retiring from the Air Force.  I can say without equivocation that Bill Elder is one of the finest leaders I have observed over these many years.  He is a straight shooter, but has abundant compassion for his people.  He understands his mission and is focused on mission execution, but understands that he cannot get the mission done properly without buy-in from his people and motivating them to excellence.  This is what has made him so successful in his first term.  I wholeheartedly support Sheriff Elder for another term.  Our county and our community needs him!

Bentley B. Rayburn

Major General, USAF (Retired)


I heartily endorse Sheriff Elder for re-election as El Paso County Sheriff in 2018.

Felix Dupre

Maj Gen USAF (Ret)


I am happy to add my strong endorsement to the re-election of Sheriff Bill Elder as the Sheriff of El Paso County  I have known Sheriff Elder since his first election and have been most impressed with his approach to taking on a tough challenge in the environment surrounding the agency, as  well as his very active outreach to the community.  At a time when law enforcement is under stress for unfortunate mis-perceptions, Sheriff Elder has made it a critical mission for the agency to be more outward facing and engaged in essential programs such as youth outreach, neighborhood policing, and support to virtually every public event in the County.  At the same time, he has brought back the reputation of the Sheriff's Office leadership to levels we expect in this great community.  He has also created a strong public bond with the Colorado Springs Police Department.  He is the right person to serve as our Sheriff."

Gene Renuart

General, USAF (Ret)

President, The Renuart Group, LLC


Sheriff Bill Elder has brought a powerful and very necessary change to this community.  Sheriff Elder became a leader in El Paso County before he officially assumed the role of Sheriff.  I remember him stepping up very vividly; the previous Sheriff had left our community very fractured and society was experiencing great social unrest following the verdict in Ferguson, Missouri.  I desperately wanted to have a conversation on "Race Relations and Policing" in our community.  Bill stepped in without hesitation and helped build a coalition to address this issue.  In times of chaos and uncertainty, we need Sheriff Bill Elder.  

Dr. Tiko Hardy


Professor PPCC/CETL


In early 2014, I met Bill Elder at a political gathering in Palmer Lake. I got acquainted with him and his campaign manager that evening. I decided he was the candidate I would support in the 2014 election for El Paso County Sheriff. I learned long ago to trust my first impressions. I honed those skills 50 years ago while getting first impressions of men I would fly combat with, day-after-day, in the Vietnam War. Over the  years, my first impressions have seldom been wrong. 

As a volunteer photographer supporting a number of campaigns of constitutional  conservatives, I attended many campaign appearances by Bill Elder.  Probably because of my background as a retired senior Air Force officer, he invited me into his campaign’s inner circle. I was permitted to photograph or videotape pretty much anything I wanted to, and I videotaped him at events and giving his views, in private, on several important topics of interest to El Paso County voters.

I observed the ups and downs prior to the County Assembly in late March 2014. He was under attack by an establishment that didn’t want Bill Elder as the new sheriff who would clean up serious problems plaguing the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO). I also met a great number of  law enforcement professionals from various organizations who believed strongly Bill Elder was just the man to restore pride and confidence among those who served in the EPSO. I remember meeting another Sheriff, at least four Chiefs of Police, a member of the  Colorado Bureau of investigation, a District Attorney, and numerous current and former members of the EPSO, who personally knew Bill Elder and strongly supported his campaign—some at the risk of losing their current jobs with the EPSO in 2014. Getting acquainted with those people confirmed my confidence in my first impressions of Bill Elder. 

In January 2015, I witnessed what seemed to be a newly restored sense of pride in the auditorium full of EPSO members witnessing the swearing-in of Sheriff Bill Elder. I saw nothing during that campaign or since that would change my support for Sheriff Bill Elder to be re-elected in 2018. 

I have another observation to offer that’s pertinent in this current primary campaign. My final assignment in the U.S. Air Force was as Chief of Staff to the three-star general commanding the Air Force Space Division in Los Angeles, California. During those nearly three years,I had some experience working with the local head of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Those contacts are always very professional and what I would expect from a unit called in when special investigations were required. However, within the Air Force, day-to-day law enforcement—as would be comparable to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office—was done by U.S. Air Force Security Police units under the command of the base commanders. 

So, while service with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations certainly involves important law enforcement investigative duties, I don’t believe it offers the same level of background experience gained through having driven the streets and roads of El Paso County for a number of years and serving as the Sheriff of El Paso County for four years. I have no hesitation,  whatsoever, in recommending that Sheriff Bill Elder be re-elected for a  second term as the Sheriff of El Paso County. 

Jimmie H Butler

Colonel, USAF, Retired 

Resident of El Paso County, Colorado for 26 years 


It is with respect and appreciation that I endorse Sheriff Elder for re-election. I have worked as a correctional mental health professional and leader for nearly ten years and in that time, never experienced more support for addressing issues related to law enforcement and people with mental illness than under Sheriff Elder. Sheriff Elder has supported initiatives to include expanding Mental Health First Aid,  Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention Training for deputies. He has also empowered deputies with the unique interest and skill in helping criminal-justice-involved people with mental illness, through building community partnerships with Aspen Pointe, NAMI, DHS and Mental Health  contract employees at the jail. At a time when there is a national crisis of law enforcement interfacing with people with serious mental  illness, Sheriff Elder is our County’s best resource for supporting education, collaboration and effective interventions for our community’s most vulnerable.

Stephanie Gangemi, LCSW 


My name is Dan Bradley. I served 28 years with the FBI, including 8 years as the Senior Supervisory Resident Agent responsible for the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Durango Offices of the FBI. I have known Bill Elder since he served as the Deputy Police Chief for the Fountain Police Department. When he was elected to serve as the El Paso County Sheriff, the Sheriff’s Office was in disarray, morale was extremely low, and the Deputies and the community were suffering accordingly. Immediately, Sheriff Elder began reestablishing the level of professionalism, and esprit de corps required to ensure the high level of service the people of El Paso County deserve. To do so, the Sheriff strengthened relationships with his federal and local law enforcement partners, returned to the Sheriff’s Office a number of Executive personnel who had either left or been removed during the prior Sheriff's administration, and initiated efforts to expand community relations. All of these initiatives have proven to be very successful. Based on these efforts, the executive staff that the Sheriff has surrounded himself with, and the integrity and moral compass that I have observed Sheriff Elder display, I strongly endorse his candidacy to remain as the El Paso County Sheriff.

Dan Bradley

FBI Senior Supervisory Resident Agent in Charge (Ret)


A persons level of influence will determine their level of leadership,  influence is the key for creating positive change and for creating a culture. In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to build a relationship with Sheriff Elder and work along side him, supporting his vision to help his office get better. I've seen Sheriff Elder be  proactive, demonstrating initiative and courage when he decided to  incorporate cultural capacity training--because it was the right thing to do for our community. He has proven to be accessible to his people and to the community he serves.  He always welcomes feedback which he reflects  on and evaluates to see how it could help improve the Sheriffs Office.  From day one, Sheriff Elder understood his primary focus was to improve community engagement and perception, while also establishing a  healthy internal culture that is positive, supporting and rewarding. As hard as that is for a leader to accomplish, I do believe Sheriff Elder has been successful, and EPSO is a better office because of him. 

Anthony J. Perez

Founder & Speaker: Success is a Language Inc.

President: Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs 

Colorado Springs Hispanic Business Council (CSHBC)


I strongly support Bill Elder in his bid for re-election. Sheriff Elder took over a department that was in disarray with morale being at an all time low. My expectations as to his leadership was met with spades. Not only has righted a ship that was about to flounder but he has reached out to the community in a way not seen before. He has brought  transparency, trust and integrity to the department. I have total confidence in his performance to date and am assured that he will continue on his path of excellence in the next term.  Re-elect Bill, he has my vote and everyone that I talk to will know without a doubt that  he is the right person at the right time to carry his vision forward.

Edward R Bracken 

Major General 

USAF Retired 


When you watch  someone work in extremely difficult circumstances, you get a glimpse of  the truth of their character.  Here’s the truth about Sheriff Bill Elder’s character. He cares about people.  He takes no bull. He uses straight talk and common sense. He means what he says and cares about trust.  He doesn’t play political games.  He is an  accomplished expert in his job with a record to prove it and his passion  is to protect this community.  It’s refreshing and simple and his character matters to me because this community  matters to me. Thank you, Sheriff Elder. I am honored to support your re-election.   

Amy Lathen

Former El Paso County Commissioner, District 2 

Vice President/CFO, Victor Marx All Things Possible Ministries


I am very pleased to endorse Bill Elder for a second term as El Paso County Sheriff.  I have had the privilege of working closely with Bill on a project of encouraging and promoting the youth of our community into their best future.  I have observed Bill to be a man of integrity and cut from the cloth of strong character.  He is honorable and I believe has the best of our community in mind as he carries out his duties.  He is a steady hand on the tiller in turbulent waters and I rest easier knowing Bill is standing the watch.   

Hank Bond  Rear Admiral

US Navy (Ret.)




While I vowed to avoid political issues as a retired senior military officer should, I can’t let this one go by. Too important. I wholeheartedly support Bill Elder to continue his mission of leading the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st Century. My 14 years of volunteer service to El Paso County, Colorado Springs, and the South Central Homeland Security Region give me an insider’s perspective few citizen are afforded. Sheriff Elder is on a mission to renew the professionalism of our Sheriff’s Office, tantamount to changing an aircraft engine in flight. His unparalleled experience in law enforcement and our community; his energy and resilience; and, his ability to bring other local, state, and federal agency executives together as a meta-team created positive momentum for security and safety in our growing community. 

Few can understand what it means to be responsible and accountable for incarcerated felons - 60% of whom are mentally ill. Few understand what it means to protect court proceedings; few understand what it means to serve hot warrants, patrol the largest county by population in the state, or conduct investigations into some of the most heinous crimes. Few understand community and regional drug enforcement and marijuana mitigation. The Sheriff is the county fire warden, which means he must understand and protect the urban/wildland interface. He oversees certification of our great search and rescue teams, recognized as tops in the nation. He is making a change to instill character, courage, resilience and restraint in law enforcement. He is leading a group of sworn, civilian and volunteer professionals towards a goal of professionalism whose loyalty is to the institution of law enforcement and our citizens. This is not a job for those who pundit from the computer, or lack extensive boots on the ground experience or local law enforcement leadership credentials. 

We need a sheriff who has been a deputy and a mid-level leader as well as a law enforcement executive. We need Bill Elder for four more years. He seeks our point of view. He seeks innovation among his deputies. He demands excellence and accountability from his subordinates. And, our community is safer because of his devotion to duty.


Individual Supporters

Bret & Betty Daniels

Ahstin R. Koski

Sharon Reedy

Ron Schumm

Alec Thompson

Michael Mockerman

Leah Wallace

Justin Shilaikis

Matthew Pease

Bob Street

Larry Wood

Don DeLoach

Jack Lundberg

Jennifer Carey

David Goddard

Patricia Merkle

Theresa Fitts

Valerie Baxter

Kevin Nielsen--Chief, Woodmoor Public Safety

Isiah Hess

David Rodriguez

Janet Campbell

Ahstin Koski

Scott Brettell

Dwight Haverkorn

Chuck and Pat Holte

Jose Hernandez

William Bergen

Larry Langston

Tanya M Bell (Mrs. Bell passed on 10/9/17, please keep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.)

Don Knight

Larry & Jennie Murphy

Matthew Moeller

Mike Jensen

Tom Strand

Steve Dubay

Gene Renuart

Pete & Geri Carey

Marsha Looper

Stephanie Dispoto

Dee Kinsey

Terese Whittemore-Dills

Ed Dills

James Gravert

TJ Nunley

Eddie Gray

Johnny T. Rowe

Loren Will

Charlotte Keeling

Joan Lucia-Treese
Jennifer Romero
Randy Ruyle
Patricia Woolard
Terry & Kathy Sullivan
Peggy Cassel-Covey

Robyn May

Mark & Karen Knight
Katherine Jensen
Joseph Divido
Dean Noechel
Brenda Ball
John Pentland
Andrew Hug

Kathy & Mark Rowley

Jack Ramsey

Craig Lindal

Russ & Juliann McPadden

Randy Rocha

Steve Gaenzle
James Pesicka
Terry Sullivan
Anne Morrison Silvers
Daniel & Tawanna Holmes
Wayne Sweet
George James
Joseph & Lucille Brown

Supporters with Comments

Larry Fortner, Maj Gen (ret) USAF  --  "I, wholeheartedly, support Bill Elder for another term as sheriff of El Paso County. He inherited a Department in disarray and immediately established rapport with his new staff to bring order back into the Department. He is a great supporter of the military and the veterans in our community. His foresight in implementing new and unique procedures in the El Paso County jail leads the nation in the criminal justice system. He saw the benefit in using the military training of jailed veterans to establish a veteran's ward in the jail which saves the county money as well as providing a benefit to veterans damaged in the service of their country. Definitely re-elect Sheriff Bill Elder; he is a real community leader." 

Michael Spitzmiller--  " I wish to take this opportunity to express my support for Bill Elder as Sheriff of El Paso County. I have known Bill for a very long time and have worked with him in public service to our community and the people of El Paso County, as well as the Greater Colorado Springs area. As a law enforcement professional for over thirty-five years, I have personally worked to address the concerns surrounding issues such as homelessness, mental health and the influence illicit drugs have within our community. I know these are some of the major concerns Sheriff Bill Elder has along with others. I also know that there is no other individual within our community that is more dedicated to addressing these concerns and working so hard to provide the most professional and honorable service to the people of El Paso County. In today’s society of polarized opinions, it is difficult to find someone that is willing to listen to all sides, yet remain strong in their conviction. Bill understands the challenges and respects differences of opinion; however he is committed to upholding the Constitution of the United States, the State of Colorado and the laws that he has been sworn to enforce. He not only understands the “letter of the law” but the “spirit of the law” providing fair and equal justice under the law. Bill will continue to provide excellence in service with honor and dedication to duty. He is committed to serving the needs of El Paso County through representation within the County, at the State Capital and at the National level, wherever he is called to be a voice of reason in order to protect the freedoms and principles we all value. "

Don Rodgers--  "The job done is what we need in a Sheriff.  The department has gone from being in the news for all the wrong reasons when Sheriff Elder took command to the professional law enforcement the county needs.  I'll be supporting Bill Elder for Sheriff."

Mike Garner--  "I wish to express my support of Bill Elder for Sheriff.  He is a proven leader and will always put the citizens of El Paso County first.  I look forward to voting for him again.  Thanks Sheriff for all you do!"

Timothy Mesch--  "Bill was my best friend before our teen years.  Growing up in the Washington Park area of Denver, I always knew he was destined for great things."

Ted Mische--  "Sheriff Elder bases policy decisions on his belief in the U.S. Constitution.  Being a conservative means believing in the original intent of the Constitution.  Sheriff Elder has proven his strong conservative values again and again."

Rick Bittle--  "Thank you for your hard work.  I really enjoyed the interactions I have had with your deputies out east.  Very professional and friendly.  Keep up the good work."

Dr. L. Spence Nelson--  " Sheriff Elder has done a great job of organizing and motivating the Sheriff's office. Let's build on that progress rather than going back to square one. There are more challenges ahead for our county and we need to move forward with our proven team. "

Ken Pitman--   "As a Sheriff's Office civilian retiree, I saw the S.O. go through the lowest point in its history with the previous administration. When Sheriff Elder was elected, the morale in the office took an immediate upswing. His service to the citizens of El Paso County is unsurpassed, and I heartily endorse Bill Elder for another four-year term. "

David Graziosa--  "Integrity is his Cornerstone. "

Chad Forquer--  Deputy Chief Woodmoor Public Safety

Dave Ahrens--  "I feel Sheriff Elder has done a fantastic job of bringing the public and the Sheriff's Office closer together, keeping us informed and the Office transparent. Many challenges are facing us today and I feel Sheriff Elder is the person to take those challenges head on and continue to keep the county safe I support Bill Elder."


Glen Athey--  "Prior to my retirement, I had the honor of working with Sheriff Elder as his Lieutenant in charge of the Professional Standards Unit. I can personally attest to Sheriff Elder's dedication to the integrity and professionalism of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. I am proud to have had the opportunity of serving with Sheriff Elder and witnessing first hand his drive for excellence in the services the Sheriff's Office provides the citizens of El Paso County. I have no reservations supporting his re-election!"

Rodney Gehrett--  "Sheriff Elder has a clear understanding of the complex issues facing our community. He has fostered positive working relationships with other law enforcement agencies, elected leaders, members of the judiciary, and numerous community organizations to identify common sense solutions to the difficult problems impacting our quality of life. This is not the time for a candidate that has never worked in law enforcement, is not POST certified, and will require extensive OJT to  learn what it means to be a sheriff. Bill Elder Is a proven leader and  has the experience required to lead the Office into the future. He has  my full support and my vote!"

Chad Forquer--  "I look forward to 4 more years.  You have really turned the department around. I would never vote for anyone else."

Don Howard--  "Well done sir.  Taking over a challenging time and leading the agency to continued excellence shows a lot about the leader.  I admire what you have been able to accomplish."

Robert D. Johnson--  "Sheriff Elder is a leader, strong advocate for all people in our community, caring deeply in helping to make El Paso County the best county in Colorado.  This dedication, love of service and leadership, carries throughout the entire Sheriff's Office for all employees and volunteers."

Sandie Klinge--  "Thank you for keeping us safe.  Thank you for your commitment, dedication, tenacity and a big heart.  You are our Sheriff and you are Honored!!  You do not have an easy job.  I admire you!!

Russ & Juliann McPadden--  "We are voting for you Sheriff Elder!

Mike Simler--  "Here's the bottom line on who should be the Sheriff in El Paso County, CO....... Sheriff Elder is clearly the most qualified candidate and he has my full endorsement. I urge you to vote for Bill Elder for Sheriff, El Paso County!"


Marilyn Harris--  "Sheriff Elder is OUR Sheriff and we support him 100%."

Judith O'Neal Merkel--  "Had the pleasure of meeting this great sheriff!! Go Sheriff Elder!"

John Godsey--  "Bill is just one of those forthright, honest, people person trying to do the right thing in a tough environment.  A second term in necessary to continue his vision of positive change for the citizens of El Paso County."

Bill and Janet Huffor--  "Our democracy demands, and our constitution protects, every citizens' right to engage in elections by supporting candidates with their time, talent and treasure.  We have proudly stood next to Sheriff Elder for the last 5 years through both adversity and success.  We fought for the restoration of honesty and integrity for employees and citizens of El Paso County by supporting the election of Bill Elder through the difficult Sheriff's campaign in 2014. We will continue to stand with Sheriff Elder as he leads the Sheriff's Office and seeks re-election to his second and final term.  Bill Elder is a God fearing, hard working, and loyal servant leader who we have had the pleasure to serve with.  Keep up the great work Sheriff Elder!  Join us in supporting the best candidate for the Office, Sheriff Bill Elder.

Dr. Jason Upchurch--  "Bill Elder came to our Sheriff's Office at a point when the public trust was at a low.  In three short years, he has not only restored public trust but internal trust as well.  I endorsed Bill's candidacy as the Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus three years ago based on his history and potential.  This time, I am happy to endorse him based on his solid performance.  My career started a the Sheriff's Office, and I am again proud to proclaim it as a top-tier law enforcement agency for its professionalism and concern for the public it serves; from civilian, to deputy, to command staff."

Ken Hilte--  "Then, now, and in the future, I whole-heartedly, unequivocally, and without reservation, endorse Bill Elder for a second term as the Sheriff of El Paso County!  I know where we've been, where we are now, and where we're going.  I am 100% confident that Bill Elder is the right person to lead us there!"

David Glenn--  "Having been a part of policing in the Pikes Peak Region for many years, I have witnessed the leadership and passion Sheriff Elder brings to the Office.  His compassion for the community and dedication to it's safety is evidenced by the trust he has developed in the community.  His knowledge and skills are forged in a career that spans decades in our county and we are fortunate to have him in this Office.  I fully support his re-election."

Charles E. Cory, Ph.D., F.G.S.A--  "Sheriff Elder is an outstanding example of what a public servant should be."

Dave Husted--  "You have done a great job Sheriff Elder!!  I look forward to your continued service to the County and all it's citizens."

Ashley Stratton--  "I have known Bill for about 5 years and I have incredible respect for his integrity.  He is a man of his word and is a true demonstration of commitment and diligence."

Cheri Ofner--  " You have done a great job, and I strongly support your re-election!"

Joseph Divido--  " I voted for Bill Elder last time and will again!  Thank you for your commitment and bringing integrity back to our Sheriff's Office!"

Jeffrey Rawson--  "Although it has been several years since I worked with and for Bill, I can state unequivocally that he is a man of honor, and that he is worthy of the public trust.  As Sheriff of El Paso County for the past three years, he emonstrated his strong commitment, not only to the Sheriff's Office and its employees, but to ALL of the citizens of El Paso County!  Bill Elder is loyal and trustworthy..... he is a man of his word and he is capable.  It goes without saying that he should be re-elected as Sheriff of El Paso County!"


Mellissa Faith Ballard-- "Several years ago I was fortunate to meet Sheriff Bill Elder. In the years that I have known him he has proven to be a man of his word, a person who delivers upon his commitments, and a Sheriff whose integrity has brought solid leadership to his office, his people, and his community of El Paso County.  In my line of work, I meet many elected officials and have the unique understanding of the pressures they face and how they themselves handle the pressure. Sheriff Bill Elder is a man of his word who honors the office he has been elected to serve and hasn't allowed the pressures or the power to influence who he is or how he leads. In a world where politicians have jaded our hope; don't miss the great ones who show up every day; day in and day out and make a difference in our world. Bill Elder is one of those great ones."

Robert Johnson--  "Great job-- thanks for all you do for the amazing people at EPSO.  We apprciate your leadership."

Jennifer Pierce--  "Thank you for bringing integrity and value back to the EPSO!! Proud supporter!"

Brett Axton--  "Bill Elder is not only the best El Paso County Sheriff we have had in decades, but a personal friend and community leader.  The only logical choice is Bill Elder.  I support him and so do my staff and friends!  Keep up the fantastic work and leadership, Bill."

Erik Shaw--  "On behalf of me and my company Tactical 16... We are in to continue our support of Sheriff Elder!"

Dr. John M. Williams, Sr.--  "Sheriff Elder has brought an outstanding level of experience and maturity to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, and this has resulted in better service and safety for the citizens of El Paso County.  Re-elect Sheriff elder so he and his staff can continue to do this great work."

Supporters With Comments

Alexis Gattuso--  "He will do great as  Sheriff in our county again because of all of his experience."

David Musgrove--  "Keep doing good work, Bill.  You've got my vote."

Matthew Pease--  "I am a proud supporter for Sheriff Elder.  I've only been in El Paso County for about a year and have had the opportunity to attend the citizens academy at the Sheriff's Office.  The first day of the academy, Sheriff Elder was there and had knowledge of many things.  After attending the academy, and learning all of the things he has changed and made possible for the county, I couldn't think of a better candidate to continue his legacy as sheriff."

Kevin & Anne Stone--  "We throw our full endorsement and belief in Bill Elder for re-election.  There is NO OTHER CHOICE!"

Michael Brundage--  " I am a retired, disabled combat veteran serving as a Congressional Advisor on Veterans Affairs, El Paso County Board of Community Corrections Member, Veterans Non-profit Founder and Veterans Liaison at El Paso County Criminal Justice Center, and I support Sheriff Bill Elder." 

Wes Archibald--  "I stand behind Sheriff Bill Elder 150%!  He has the community's interests at heart and stands up for all of the right reasons.  he definitely has my vote!"

John Harding--  "Former KKTV News anchor and current REMAX Real Estate Agent"

Brandi Steele--  "I think you have been doing a great job, and am definitely behind you 100%.  You have my vote!"

Larry Yonker--  "Thank you Bill for you strong leadership throughout our community!"

David R. Rodriguez-- "As a retired Sheriffs Sergeant with over 30 years experience as a law enforcement professional, I can wholeheartedly endorse Sheriff Bill Elder for Sheriff of El Paso County. Sheriff Elder has shown that he has the leadership qualities and high ethical character needed to protect the constitutional rights of the people he serves, and lead a major metropolitan law enforcement agency in the 21st century. Sheriff Bill Elder knows that "Public service is a public trust," and through his life of public service he has earned our trust. Sgt. David R. Rodriguez #1489 Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office (Ret.)." 


Fawn Katherine and Todd Hess-- "El Paso County is very blessed to have you as a sheriff. You have our votes coming from the United States Air Force Academy. Thank you for your service to our community."


Steve Bartley-- "Let’s do this, 4 more years! Five thumbs up for great Sheriff!"

Karla Kroeker--  "I trusted you with my vote, and you haven't let me down!  In fact, you've done an outstanding job in every area of the duties entrusted to you.  I'm not only impressed with you, but with the efficiency of everyone in the department.  I called you when my daughter and son-in-law were swindled out of a large amount of money by a contractor.  You told me whom to have them contact, and a Deputy was there getting the facts of the case that very day!  The perpetrator is now behind bars awaiting sentencing.  It's an honor to be voting for you again."

Stan & Kathie Rawson--  "Sheriff Elder is someone we respect and trust.  We strongly support his re-election!"

Linda Herpin--  "Sheriff Bill Elder is a terrific law enforcement leader and Bernie and I are honored to know him and Joy. He has our full support."

Matthew Grubesic--  " Bill, you took over a mess at the EL Paso County Sheriffs Department. Due to your leadership and communications skills you have boosted moral, gained the public's trust and continue to make El Paso County safer. "

Bob Boileau--  As President of Pikes Peak International Raceway I get to meet a lot of people in our community. We are fortunate to have so many passionate and caring people looking our for our best interest. Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with Sheriff Elder and gotten to know him. That said I fully support him in his re-election campaign and I look forward to his continued leadership and devotion to our County!

Dane & Kristin Christian--  "My wife Kristin & I are behind you all the way!"

David M. Boyd Sr.--  "Bill and I went through the P.O.S.T. Academy together. He was a new El Paso County Sheriff's Office deputy and I was a new police officer with CSPD. After 33 years in Law Enforcement & Corrections, retiring as a Lieutenant from the State of Colorado, I hold Bill in the highest esteem and fully support him for re-election as our Sheriff."

Elvira Martin--  "Sir, I believe in you, keep up with outstanding work."

Jeff Rawson--  "You are doing things the right way Bill.  Therefore, many, many good people will align themselves with you and support you wholeheartedly! Go Sheriff Elder!!"

Laura Calhoun--  "Thank you for your willingness to serve our county! You are truly a blessing."

Charles Prignano--  "Best person for the job."

Ruth Axtell--  "I remember you from many years back.  In my opinion, you have always been an outstanding person.  In fact, you are a great Christian Sheriff!! Thanks for serving us."

Michael Collins--  "I have known Bill since we were both with EPSO many years ago. He is a trustworthy, honest and sincere man who believes in his fellow men and women and cares for all. I believe he has done a great job in getting the EPSO back on track and  deserves a second term as our Sheriff. God Bless Bill and good luck. Senior Chaplain Michael Collins Falcon Fire Department."

Dustin Schindler--  "It is with great pleasure I have met Sheriff Bill Elder.  My line of work takes me to the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center quite a lot.  I can say he treats his community and the employees with great care, respect and integrity.  He has my full endorsement for another term as Sheriff of El Paso County.  Thank you for all of your great work for this community Sheriff Elder."

Nancy Kraushaar--  "Good luck on your campaign Bill!  Nancy Johnson Kraushaar, Palmer High 1975"

Jake Shirk--  "Thank you for your work in helping all of the local law enforcement agencies work together in a better relationship.  Keep up the good work!"

Bill Schohn--  "Good luck Sheriff Elder.  I wish I were in Colorado to help with your campaign.  I truly believe you will be re-elected, hands down.  Keep up the good work.  God bless you and your family!!"

Patricia Miller--  "Keep up the good work!"

Brian McPike--  "Bill is a man of character and strength, and I wholeheartedly support him and the tireless efforts he puts forth for the employees of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of El Paso County."

Charles H. Castle--  "Since taking office Bill, you've brought integrity back into the Sheriff's Office and treated the employees with respect!"

Eldon Granger--  "I'm definitely with you Sheriff Elder!"

Randy Rocha--  "Great Sheriff!!"

Barry Freeman--  "As a former President of the Colorado  Protective Association, I was happy to see that the organization has again chosen to endorse Bill Elder for re-election as our Sheriff."

Rob King--  "It is my honor to support Sheriff Elder for re-election.  He is a good and decent man who understands and promotes leadership qualities and empowers his staff to make decisions.  He is kind and considerate of others and open to the opinions or positions of other who may have a differing view.  Sheriff Elder has done an outstanding job of establishing a successful plan to move the Sheriff's Office forward and partner with our military and law enforcement neighbors to bring the very best in law enforcement services to all the communities in El Paso County.

Kerry L. Bouwens--  "Bill Elder was the first Sheriff to walk up to me and call me by name.  Now the rest of the story..... I had been retired for almost a year and had never worked for him.  He actually knew me as a Retiree from his Sheriff's Office.  I was impressed then, and I am impressed now."

Carlos Sanchez, Athney Attorney & Investigations Services--  "We support not only a friend, but an individual that is honest, has integrity and morals.  100% Support!!"

Lauren Hug--  "Sheriff Elder is a devoted and upstanding public servant and has served our community with honor and dignity. Please support his re-election!" 

Russ & Juliann McPadden--  "We are proud to support Sheriff Elder!"

Dick & Penny Kelly--  "Sheriff Bill Elder is an honorable man who has remained focused on serving the people of El Paso County.  He has spent no time on the critics and their antics.  ("Only those not rowing have time to rock the boat!")  Bill Elder serves well because he loves well.  He has kept his vision for El Paso County and his purpose in the forefront of his daily activities and all the employees he cares about so deeply.  El Paso County deserves to have a man of conviction, strength, faith, perseverance, tenacity, integrity, work ethic and devotion serving them and making our County even better the next 4 years.  Bill has been a faithful friend to our family for over 35 years and we have consistently watched him take the high road personally and professionally.  we are proud to support him and ask for your votes to keep him serving El Paso County for four more years."

Dede Laugesen--  "Thanks for your service Sheriff Elder.  I'm happy to say you again have my vote!"

Missy Ward--  "The strength, leadership and down to earth approach that Sheriff Elder has brought to the Sheriff's Office and community is second to none.  He has been able to not only create a collaborative environment between law enforcement agencies, but has also made efforts towards restoring faith in his department and law enforcement officials everywhere by using creativity and an honest heart.  I fully endorse Bill Elder and I pray you join me as well."

Dan Lanotte--  "Bill, your term as sheriff has been an encouragement to all of us out here in Eastern El Paso County. We have seen major improvements in patrol services. The relationship between your office and folks out in Falcon, Peyton, and Calhan communities couldn’t be better. We look forward to another term."


George Reed-- "Bill Elder is motivated by one thing--protecting and serving the good citizens of El Paso County.  He is a good partner to other law enforcement agencies in the region and has worked tirelessly to rebuild the Sheriff's Office by re-establishing trust and confidence.  He has been a good steward of public resources.  We need more public servants like Bill Elder."

George James--  "You have done an excellent job with pride and integrity.  El Paso County is a safer place to live.  Thank you Sheriff."

Dave Reisman--  "I have known Bill for over 36 years and worked with him in both the public and private sector for over 19 years.  I know of no one who is better suited for the job of El Paso County Sheriff than Bill Elder.  he has a very strong law enforcement background as well as a tremendous private business background, which makes him extremely well suited to carry on the tremendous job he has done over the last 3 years!!!"

David Smith--  "I have known Bill since he started working for the Sheriff's Office and have had the privilege of directly supervising him.  Bill is a hard working, dedicated public servant with a knack for leadership.  Bill's integrity and determination to continue to make El Paso County a better place for the citizens and employees of the Sheriff's Office is desperately needed.  It is my honor to endorse Bill Elder to continue as the Sheriff.  I only wish I was there to work along with him."

Dominik Johnson--  "Even before I was working at the Sheriff's Office, I could see the happiness in the people working there and the positivity that the office would spread to the community.  I hope to see this trend continue and have nothing but a supportive attitude to Sheriff Elder's campaign!"

Steven Liebowitz--  "During my 30 year career with the Colorado Springs Police Department, I had the pleasure of knowing & working with Bill Elder.  he was a hard working, dedicated law enforcement professional who exemplified ethics, integrity, and leadership skills.  He has used his experience,knowledge, skills, and abilities during his first term as our sheriff to rebuild community trust in the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.  I fully support his efforts and encourage you to vote and keep Sheriff Elder for another term.  This is more important work to complete!"

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