Message to the Employees of the El paso County Sheriff's Office

From the Sheriff

On March 24th, 2017, I filed my Candidate Affidavit with the Colorado Secretary of State announcing my intent to be re-elected as the Sheriff of El Paso County for my second and final term.  I have received an enormous amount of support over the last several years as your Sheriff, and I thank you for your personal encouragement and commitment to our community through your tireless service.  You are the reason the El Paso County Sheriff's Office continues to be a law enforcement leader in the region.   

While I am humbled by the overwhelming support, I fully understand the stressful nature of  election cycles. Your focus must continue to be on protecting the citizens of El Paso County. No one should feel obligated or pressured to engage in this political process in any way. I WILL NOT ASK YOU TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO MY RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN OR ASK YOU TO CHOOSE SIDES!   Your only obligation as public safety professionals is to the citizens you have been sworn to protect. In the months ahead, continue to perform your duties with the utmost pride and professionalism. Your daily service and sacrifice is a testament to your character and values.  

You, the dedicated professionals of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office whom I have humbly served alongside for the past three years, deserve continuity of leadership and operations from a law enforcement leader who understands the history and culture of our agency.  You deserve to be led by someone who has actually done the job. You deserve a leader who has the institutional knowledge, the heart, the soul, and the courage to always do what is right--even if what's right is not popular.

Thank you for allowing me to serve beside you, and I look forward to the next four years.

Sheriff Bill Elder

EPSO Policy on Political Activities


While employees are not restricted from engaging in the following activities as private citizens or deputy associations, employees may not represent the El Paso County Sheriff's Office or identify
themselves in any way that could be reasonably perceived as representing the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in order to do any of the following, unless specifically authorized by the Sheriff:


(a) Endorse, support, oppose or contradict any political campaign or initiative 

(b) Endorse, support, oppose or contradict any social issue, cause or religion 

(c) Endorse, support, or oppose any product, service, company or other commercial entity 

(d) Appear in any commercial, social or nonprofit publication or any motion picture, film, video,
public broadcast or any website Additionally, when it can reasonably be construed that an employee, acting in his/her individual capacity or through an outside group or organization (e.g. bargaining group) is affiliated with this office, the employee shall give a specific disclaiming statement that any such speech or expression is not representative of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. 

Employees retain their right to vote as they choose, to support candidates of their choice and
to express their opinions as private citizens, including as authorized members of a deputy
associations, on political subjects and candidates at all times while off-duty. However, employees
may not use their official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the result of an election or
a nomination for office. Employees are also prohibited from directly or indirectly using their official
authority to coerce, command or advise another employee to pay, lend or contribute anything of
value to a party, committee, organization, agency or person for political purposes (5 USC § 1502).  

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