Jail Challenges

Jail Population

  • The jail population has grown from around 1300 inmates per day in 2013 to over 1620 inmates per day presently.
  • Personnel have been shifted from other Bureaus to the jail  in order to provide a safe and secure facility for both staff and inmates. A staffing study is underway to determine if additional personnel are needed. 
  • The El Paso County Jail (CJC) is the largest county jail in the State of Colorado, is the ONLY jail in El Paso County and houses some of the most violent and dangerous criminals in the region.

Violent Inmates

  • Special Management Inmates and those with mental health isssues account for over 50% of the population in the jail and are at an all time high. Many have substance abuse issues combined with mental illness. These inmates can be the most volatile and assaultive to staff.  
  • The training of all El Paso County sworn jail personnel is second to none, remaining one of only a few jails in the State of Colorado managed by POST certified detentions deputies. 

Community Discussion

  • A broader discussion about growing mental health concerns and homelessness throughout the county MUST be had as a community.  El Paso County has hit a critical crossroads in how our community addresses this issue, but for many, jail is not the answer.
  • While discussions on mental health and the shocking numbers of suicide rates of our regions youth occur weekly, we must continue our efforts regionally as leadership to support the youngest in our community.